We’re showing love to samplers in this week’s Borrow from the Best Live Set Event! Assemble a Crate full of tracks you’d call comfortable classics and head to Star Glacier to make a lasting impression on TK Sun.

Your task this week is to put on a sampler clinic and do your faves proud using single-use expiring discs. Borrow from the Best resembles Campaign gameplay, so chase those high scores to unlock sweet rewards. You’ll earn 20 Diamonds at 53,700 points, 30 Diamonds at 80,500 points, and 40 Diamonds at 96,000 points.

Didn’t crush it your first time around? No worries! You can play Borrow from the Best as much as your heart desires until August 2. Even the greats need practice, so play through a couple of times to get a feel for it then use what you learned to secure yourself a spot at the top of the leaderboards!

Borrow from the Best will be open from July 19 at 12:01 AM PT/ 3:01 AM ET (7:01 UTC/9:01 CET) until August 2 at 12:00 AM PT/ 3:00 AM ET (7:00 UTC/9:00 CET).

Your skills could live on in legend if you share them with the FUSER community! Post your mix on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, and don’t forget to tag us with #FUSERFanMix.

Learn more about FUSER or hang out with fellow music mixers listening to great beats by catching FUSER Guest Sessions or watching the Diamond Stage—follow our social channels for dates and times!