Happy Friday, FUSER DJs! The struggle’s been real this week deciding the player mixes we’d be featuring in today’s Masters of Mix because they’re all so good! 😅 These fine mixes are what we landed on, so let us know your thoughts, or share your own favorites!

“There’s a method to my madness” by sweetnsowa is…a lot, and we liked it so much that we stamped it as Mix of the Week. We dig the 32-bars of compressed musical narrative. Consume it, study it, and report back! 😉

Looking back at the Beastly Besties event, KOV Frenzy’s ”To Those that Love Us Most” felt like a song that our pets would celebrate. It’s a simple idea that is well executed and gets a Featured Event Mix badge from us. 😻🐶

“Pick_Bounce!© G.O.A.T Remix ’21” by Kyndrome is our Staff Pick, and it shows well how you can push a mix from good to great using filters and deck controls. And then spice things up with Hot Clips! 🔥

Scootaloo9 takes their guitar on a musical trip with “A Lil’ Pick Me Up.” It sounds like a good group of friends playing instruments together, and we love that bar band vibe. 🎸

Time to pack up the festival tent for the week! We’ll keep checking the #FUSERfanMix hashtag for your mixes on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook and bring some back in our baskets next week. Byeeeeeee. 👋🏽