This week’s Masters of Mix is a variety show! Turn up the volume fill your ears with otherworldly space tunes, body-moving Latin spice, head-banging Rock, and experimental beats that leave us speechless! Follow us on this #FanFriday adventure. 🙌🏼

The Mix of the Week is a story told by Monochii’s “M.O.E. Mix 3” that starts in deep space and floats us around on a galactic sound wave adventure! This mix is expertly crafted with just the right amount of control. We’re in awe. 🤯

Our first Staff Pick is “Latin Dance Party” by yarnitopper. This Latin mix blends a few songs together like the perfect salsa and even uses a recent DLC offering. 🌶 We love a FUSER festival that is diverse with music from various genres, so keep surprising us! Yes, that’s a challenge. 😉

Next on our Staff Pick list is the winner of the Dream The Beat Competition No. 4, Metal/Rock Mayhem. Congrats to ThaBEN_NL for “DTB4 R3”—a smooth and energetic Rock mix that’s worthy of accolades. 🏆 And big thanks to MrsSpitFire, Aphoticphoton, and the judges, for organizing that FUSER competition series. 💖

Enjoy this out-of-this-world sound! Aviseras’ “SOFTshellcrabROLL” hails from another dimension and explores sound textures. This mix shows how creative you can get with FUSER—don’t underestimate the power of filters and disc drops, like the one at measure 48!

It’s a wrap! We’ll continue looking for your mixes on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook with the hashtag #FUSERfanMix. We also post these mixes on YouTube and Twitter, so let us know how you prefer to watch them!