If each mix is a window into the DJ’s personality that crafts it, then Masters of Mix is like a group picture filled with diversity that makes us happy to share with the FUSER community each week.

Raise your hands for proevosteevo’s “Vanilla (Kisses)” as it makes the Mix of the Week list! 🙌🏼 It’s a well-crafted ballad that’s enjoyable on the first listen and then reveals some excellent drops, unmutes, and pay close attention to those filters—this mix is simply dope!

Remember the Smorgasbord Strike event? Di20 delivered an excellent training mix with “Gravel Pitch,” and we’re happy to name it the Featured Event Mix. We may be sweating from all the dancing, but our confidence is 💯.

This week’s Staff Pick is a mood booster. “Doki Doki MegaMix” by TheGamerSide67 is sway-worthy and will make your head swing and nod. Hats off for playing these smooth and joyful tunes in a different key; it made a big difference!

RedDeadSnake’s “Poison Sadistic” showcases some great DLC songs arranged in a musical texture that’s concise, original, and surprising. It’s mind-blowing to listen to some favorite songs in a completely new way. 🤯

That concludes this week’s Masters of Mix, but we do have an important note: We’re changing the hashtag we use for your player mixes from #MixTheHits to #FUSERfanMix. There are Terms of Use for this hashtag so that we’re clear about what you’re allowing us to do with the content you share. Nothing major has changed, and the FUSER User Generated Content Guide still provides guidelines about FUSER content shows on social media.

Keep sending us your creations on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook using the #FUSERfanMix hashtag. Player mixes are such a treat, and we want you to be a part of it!