Welcome to April, everyone! It's a brand-new month to craft some fresh 🎶 mixes to inspire you. We want this week's FUSER creations to put more and 🌷 into your days.

You might want to clear some space before listening to the Mix of the Week. DIEDIN22 delivers a mix full of fun surprises with "Saturn Glacier Party." It's a genre-bending piece that shows great control, for example, using percussion to build some space in the mix. Love those Vinyl Scratches!

The Drive to the Hoop event required a bit of imagination, and we think that Dr. Whoopsy916 deserves the Featured Event Mix with "Go Team Titans!" The two teams enter the court as the excellent intro arrangement ramps up to an energetic Rock mix with dance treats. It's a three-pointer all the way! 🏀

Our Staff Pick feels like an exciting tribute to the influence of The Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (2012)”. Flashbaxx#0005’s “Sugarhill Revival" is a lovely mashup between old and new school songs, and totally works for us!

NeoZone’s “Slowly (Physical)” feels like a mix that leans heavily into story creation. The steady grove sets an engaging tone and is sprinkled with discs and filters for added depth. It’s smooth and makes us dance in our chairs. 🪑💃🕺

That wraps up this week’s Masters of Mix, but it’s the beginning of your next adventure. Share your mixes on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook using the hashtags #PlayFUSER and #MixTheHits. We want to hear your 🎶 and your 💿, and hope to see you next week. 👋