March is almost over, and it brought a steady stream of great mixes from the FUSER community. We caught a slice of that greatness in this week’s Masters of Mix, and you can join the party by checking the #MixTheHits hashtag on social media!

TheElusiveDave’s “Overnight Sensation” is the Mix of the Week because of the smooth vibes they’ve created with this arrangement. The cohesive theme gives it a great dance vibe, with a nice twist. We dig “The Man” vocal disc drop, and this is the kind of live festival we can’t wait to get back to!

The first Staff Pick comes from the Cozy x Dreamy event because GMSD420‘s “Gentle Rain Bloom” caught our attention. This composition moseys on up to a Country theme by gently pushing various discs as an invitation to relax. Close your 👀 and listen!

Our second Staff Pick is “Trifth Shop” (trust us, it’s spelled right 😉) by rosemannmarcel8-. They deliver two different takes on the classic Rap song, going from Pop energy to Dance tunes in only 32 bars! We love the precise vocal swap to LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock’s “Party Rock Anthem” vocals that create an exciting collabo.

Last, here’s a shoutout to Aviseras Games & Music for their mix “payday.” They managed the feat of using the Electro Flute the whole time without sounding monotone. It gives 21 Savage’s “a lot” a completely different texture, and we love the stitch with Harry Styles’ “Golden”!

We hope these mixes inspire you as much as they were uplifting to us. Remember to share your mixes on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook by using the hashtags #PlayFUSER and #MixTheHits to give us a chance to see them!