FUSER food fight! Your Crate is your oyster, so take advantage of it and get creative in this week’s Smorgasbord Strike event—we want to hear what crazy mix you can mash up using everything but the kitchen sink!

Your challenge is to capture the ultimate montage mix! The Smorgasbord Strike event will begin accepting submissions starting March 22 at 12:01 AM PT/ 3:01 AM ET (07:01 UTC/08:01 CET) until March 29 at 12:01 AM PT/ 3:01 AM ET (07:01 UTC/09:01 CEST).

After you record and submit your mix, it’s time for the community to vote for their gluttonous favorites! Voting begins on March 29 at 12:01 AM PT (3:01 AM ET / 07:01 UTC / 09:01 CEST) and lasts until April 5 at 12:01 AM PT (3:01 AM ET / 07:01 UTC / 09:01 CEST).

For voting, players will gobble up the Electro Bass Custom Instrument after event rewards have been distributed. Any submissions voted into the top 50% earn the Gluttonous Baggy Jeans, and those voted into the top 75% will earn the Gluttonous Baggy Sweatshirt.

We’re craving your creations! When you complete your masterpiece be sure to share it with the FUSER community! After you submit, export and share your mix to Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, and tag us with #PlayFUSER and #MixTheHits.