The FUSER team is committed to continuously improving the player experience behind the deck on our festival stage. We’re thrilled to announce the 1.3 patch that offers new game modes, community-requested features, bug fixes, and so much more!

Here’s what you can expect from the update:

Live Set Events

Live Set events are designed to add a competitive flair to our weekly recurring in-game events. Hop on stage to climb the leaderboards as you complete full-length campaign-style shows! While live, perform the shows as often as you like—the highest score unlocks various rewards.

Hot Clips

Preview a disc before dropping onto the decks with a powerful new tool called Hot Clips, effectively adding a fifth loop to your mixes.

Co-op Freestyle Settings

Freestyle settings have been expanded to give you more freedom to adjust the number and length of rounds for private and public Co-Op Freestyle sessions.

Tools for Streamers

FUSER DJs can now use a stream-ready Crate using only monetizable songs for streaming. Players can also consult the UGC guidelines provided on, which are reviewed and updated regularly to outline best practices for streaming FUSER.

Console Video Capture

A console video capture feature was added to give you more freedom to share a video from anywhere in the game using native console share functions, including on the Nintendo Switch. Click the link to help you learn more about capturing gameplay for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.    

Find Your Favorite DJ

We’re making it easier to browse favorite mixes you have liked and shared through your profile, including a new sort function, alphabetical, most liked/viewed, and date created to help simplify your search.

The 1.3 Update is now live! Please check the patch notes for more 1.3 details.

FUSER is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC (Epic/Steam).