Another Masters of Mix means more player-creations to inspire you to craft your own or simply fill your ears with good vibes. 🎧

Let us know what you think about our selection of mixes and what you would like to see more of. We want to represent the FUSER Community and show its diversity, so share your voice!

For the Mix of the Week, we have the winner of the Dream The Beat player-organized competition, Etherealic’s “dtb r2”! This mix is all about making Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” sound different yet the same, channeling the original romance! The tracks are perfectly muted to create a clubby feel, and effects are the perfect touch needed to reinforce that feeling—look at that midway Loop filter. 🤯

IsRealLive’s “Hottest Banjo Alive” is the Featured Event Mix for the Cosmic Folk event. The Banjo Instrument really shines as the centerpiece of this arrangement while other tracks swing and dance around it melodically. Like Etherealic’s mix, the timing, effects, and muting are used to create more with less!

With “For the Community of FUSER,” UEG SPARTAN300 delivers a love letter to the FUSER fam, and that’s why it’s our Staff Pick. After an atmospheric intro, this mix heads full speed into some electric dance. It’s the music we’d hear if the Promoters were all chilling on stage—and what’s not to love about the flamboyant DJ costume? Talk about a total package.

This mix by DjabigorTheRaged starts at a fast pace then takes a gradual rise in intensity with only three songs! Switching between Topic with A7S’ “Breaking Me” and “Black Phosphorus” compliments The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” at high BPM. The vocal track of “Breaking Me” is the second act of this high-energy mix, followed by a nice return to the instrumental opening that closes the loop. Except for The Weeknd running out of… time!

A.M. asks the important questions with their “All Star but it’s Techno” mix. Smash Mouth gets paired with Black Light Odyssey’s “Sequence Her,” and the filters are doing a lot of work to keep us entranced! A Delay here and a Loop there changes the entire texture of the FUSER fan-favorite track, and the Starglacier stage decorations match that techno vibe beautifully. ⚡

We’d love to hear your mixes, so keep sharing them on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook by tagging us using the hashtags #PlayFUSER and #MixTheHits. Don’t feel intimidated; we won’t judge!