New to FUSER? Events are the perfect way to refine your mixing skills and keep up with what other DJs are creating! This week we’re keeping the good times going with the Spirit of FUSER Event.

Your challenge is to make a mix using only FUSER Promoter songs, instruments, and effects. Submissions will be accepted until January 17 at 8:59 PM PT / 11: 59 PM ET (January 18 4:59 UTC / 5:59 CET). Any submissions voted into the top 30% will win the Laser Ribbons Stage Effect, and for voting on other mixes, players will earn the Reactive Glow Tank Top with Scarves.

After you record and submit your mix, it’s up to the community. Voting starts on January 18 at 9:01 PM PT (January 19 at 12:01 AM ET / 5:01 AM UTC / 6:01 AM CET), and lasts until January 24 at 8: 59 PT / 11:59 PM ET (January 25 at 4:59 AM UTC / 5: 59 CET).

You’ll be mixing with classic promoter tracks like “Streetfire Tango,” “High Fructose,” “Feeling Never Lasts,” and so many more! Sharpen your mastery of Audio Effects and Custom Instruments as you prepare. These skills will allow you to add elements to your unique mixes that make the original tracks nearly unrecognizable.

The Spirit of FUSER Event is now live, and mix submissions will be accepted until January 17at 8:59 PM PT / 11: 59 PM ET (January 18 4:59 UTC / 5:59 CET).

We want to hear your beats! After you submit your unique mix, be sure to share it and all your mixes with us on InstagramYouTube, and Facebook and tag us so we can enjoy your set!