Now that you’ve had time to get familiar with your various deck controls and creative tools, we know you’re craving more music to mix with. This week we have DLC offers from Maroon 5, ScHoolboy Q, and Tag Team, in addition to the Premium Look Pack: Streetwear.

“Maps” delivers emotionally vulnerable lyrics in tandem with uplifting Pop sounds from one of the most beloved bands, Maroon 5. Add any single Loop from this song to your mix, and you’ve infused the remarkable aural signature of one of the most recognizable bands of today. The fluid and precise vocals of Adam Levine shine in any key or tempo, and the guitar can be manipulated to be the star of any mix, no matter what story you are trying to tell.

“Man of the Year” by ScHoolboy Q is a dangerously empowering song. Although the track sits at a cool 112 BPM in G minor, there is a haunting optimism portrayed by the track that can make anyone feel like they’re on top of the world. The vocals are oozing with undeniable swagger and highlights equally remarkable supporting rhythmic and melodic parts, including some of the smoothest strings to be added to the game yet.

Universally loved throwback “Whoomp! There It Is” from Tag Team is also available now for download! This 1993 track is filled with the ultimate party starting Loops to add to your mix. If these lyrics don’t get your blood pumping and your feet moving, then you must not be listening! Throw these drums on any mix to get you and your friends hyped.

These songs have an abundance of personality packed into every loop, making them savvy Crate additions as you craft your mix for the Grand Reveal Event. Your challenge is to make your own epic entrance theme to get the crowd pumped, and these songs will certainly help you do that.

Keep your avatar looking as good as your mixes sound with this week’s Premium Look Pack: Streetwear. Check out the various Look Packs available as DLC to find the style that is unmistakably you.

Maroon 5 “Maps”, ScHoolboy Q “Man of the Year”, and Tag Team “Whoomp! There It Is” are available for purchase now for $1.99 (USD) each. The Premium Look Pack: Streetwear is also currently available for purchase for $2.99 (USD).

Don’t forget you get access to all DLC released between November 19 and December 31, 2020 with the FUSER 2020 Backstage Pass available for $49.99 (USD).

The FUSER 2020 Backstage Pass may not be immediately available in all regions or platforms—please check the in-game store for availability.