The Past vs Future event starts today, and your mission is to make a mix featuring ONLY songs from the 1990s and 2020s.

Submit Your Mix!

Take the stage and demonstrate your unique approach to blending distinct 1990s and 2020s tracks. Set yourself up for success by logging some practice time in Freestyle Play to get familiar with the Audio Effects and Custom Instruments that will take your skills to a whole new level of mix mastery.

Submissions are being accepted now and end on November 22 at 8:59 pm PT / 11:59 ET (November 23 at 4:59 am UTC / 5:59 am CET).

All submissions ranked in the top 50% will win the Chaotic Network Projection Screen. Mixes in the top 5% will receive High Society Body Paint. BONUS—just for voting on other mixes you’ll be rewarded with Reactive Glow Signature Sneakers.

Cast Your Vote!

After you’ve recorded your masterpiece and submitted it—it’s time for the community to decide!

Voting begins November 22 at 9:01 pm PT (November 23 at 12:01 am ET / 5:01 am UTC / 6:01 am CET) and ends November 29 at 8:59 pm PT / 11:59 pm ET (November 30 at 4:59 am UTC / 5:59 am CET) before the next event.

Not feeling ready to submit a mix yet? Don’t sweat it! There’s room for spectators too! Spectators can view and vote on mixes to earn the Reactive Glow Signature Sneakers, and also get inspiration for your own creations. Don’t be shy about taking Snapshots either—collect Snapshots of your favorite mixes to expand upon in your own Freestyle sessions.

The Past vs Future event starts today—get your submissions in before voting begins!