Welcome to FUSER! As you make your way to the headline stage, you’ll want to equip yourself with as many tools as possible for memorable moments and shows. If you’re ready to test your skills in Freestyle, or you’re excited to rapidly expand your crate as you navigate the various Campaign stages, check out the FUSER Launch Pack.

With such a wide variety of artists, genres, and decades, these songs present the perfect opportunity to create something amazing and totally unique.

Develop your DJ’s signature style with the Battery Power, Masquerade, and 80’s Look Packs. You’ll be working hard to pick up new skills and techniques in the Campaign, exploring your sonic canvas in Freestyle, and competing and collaborating with your friends in Multiplayer - make sure you look good while doing it!

This is YOUR festival, where YOU control the music! Get your crate and character looking right, then show the world what you’re made of.

The FUSER Launch and Look Packs are available for purchase now!