The crowd is calling your name and now it’s time to jump on stage and give them the show they're waiting for!

FUSER is the ultimate music playground, giving you the tools to combine vocals, beats, and melodies using your own personal style to craft one-of-a-kind mixes.

Explore, discover, and create incredible mixes and custom effects from your crate with FREESTYLE PLAY! Check out how to get the best out of Freestyle Play with this Beat Drops video:

In CAMPAIGN PLAY, you’ll work your way from mixing basics to mastering expert-level techniques, as you perform spectacular shows across six stunning stage venues— Rhythmic Guardian, Cheery Dip’d, Sub Astral, Source Decay, Ravaged Reef, and Star Glacier—each with its own signature style, and mentor to help you out.

Check out Campaign Play, and all it has to offer, in this Beat Drops, then get in-game and own the stage:

A unique you is what FUSER aims to deliver to the stage, in your music, and in how you DEFINE YOUR STYLE! Customize your hair, clothes, makeup, and even body art to create an avatar that reflects your unique personality. Then, take that personality to your festival stage show with your own custom pyrotechnics, lighting effects, video walls, and more.

Collaborate or compete in DJ BATTLES with players from across the globe in online multiplayer. Or, record, edit, and share your inspired mixes and mind-blowing performances in-game and online to your favorite social channels!

Now, get in-game and wow the crowd—download NOW!