Put your hands together for FREE music available this week in FUSER! Create some mix magic with “Don’t You Dare” by Free Sheets and “pi de limón” by ximena this Thursday! Just in time to bring atmospheric feels to your Mix Megamaser event submissions! 🌌

“Don’t You Dare” by Free Sheets is a celestial-sounding track that sounds like it was created by aliens and dropped into this world from another universe. The classic hi-hat Hip-Hop rhythm on the drums supports the track’s relaxed vibe. Simultaneously, the bass and lead instrument disc are a powerful dynamic duo: the rhythm, instrumentation, and styles between the bass and lead instrument disc complement one another. The lead vocal disc offers an otherworldly siren sound to round out the complete arrangement.

“pi de limón” by ximena offers a collection of unique sounds never showcased at the FUSER festival! Crisp drums provide a unique sound for DJs to experiment with, and there are a playful call and response on the hi-hat between a subdued eight-note rhythm and ear-catching triplets. The drums then pull back to a simple but effective bass drum solo to make room for the rest of the arrangement to thrive. The melody featured on the lead instrument disc offers a sound and style entirely new to FUSER. The lead vocal disc’s soft, breathy sounds embrace the lead instrument disc’s ethereal-sounding composition and support its bold nature.

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